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  When the camera has white spots on the eye Australia 4-year-old woman was diagnosed with eye cancer According to Hong Kong "Sing Tao Daily" reported recently, Queensland, Australia Brisbane open the flash is a mother of 4-year-old daughter to take pictures, found the childs right eye appeared common "red eye" in photographs, but the left eye this situation did not look carefully there is a small white dots.Later, her daughter was diagnosed with eye cancer.The mother said her daughter usually eye and without any exception, also heard her say uncomfortable, find the photo in her daughters left eye in the occasional odd situation it is thought to bring her to the hospital.July 1, the mother of the daughter was diagnosed as suffering from hospital retinoblastoma, and this cancer usually occurs in children under 6 years old who.Chief Executive Phil Child Eye Cancer Trust Gheit said, "Usually, retinoblastoma can be completely healed, but this cancer have no symptoms, parents are generally difficult to detect."The mother said her daughter lively character, good health, did not think her daughter actually had cancer," if you open the flash parents help their children to take pictures, which some red-eye does not appear, we must quickly go to the hospital the."According to reports, the little girl will be held June 12 for surgery, because in time, so her condition did not develop to the point of irreparable, but still be a number of follow-up treatment to rehabilitation.

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