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  My teacher Zhou Guangzhao My teacher Zhou Guangzhao Peng Huan Wu, Zhou Guangzhao, Wu Yueliang three generations of teachers and students.The 2082 picture provided by the Theoretical Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Theoretical Physics I admitted to graduate from the Physics Department of Nanjing University graduate, Mr. Zhou Guangzhao follow the masters and Ph.D..From students to embark on the road of scientific research, academic Chou guidelines on me, train me, I care about in life, helped me in every crucial point in my life choices, teachers week I had a very important impact.It can be said, his words and deeds, in the form of my life, values and world view, have laid a deep imprint.Today, I have over the years know the fate, and recalled Chou time together, that frames the screen is always full of warmth.This year is the 65th anniversary of Zhou teacher in science.Mr. Yang, Mr. Lee, Xu Guanhua, Wan Gang, President of the other well-known scientists and leaders in science and technology at home and abroad, Chou contribution in theoretical physics, the contribution of science and technology development in the country had a very fair evaluation.As a student, I will talk about some of the stories I together with Chou.Has shown signs of Chou Zhou Guangzhao first heard the teachers name or in the third grade when my university.Then Gong Changde, Cai Jianhua and other well-known theoretical physics professor at Nanjing University, referring to the physical sector overview of our theory, have agreed that the Zhou Guangzhao, and with a very respectable tone about his knowledge.At that time, my classmates are also circulating this statement: Zhou Guangzhao extremely intelligent, is a genius, his brain faster than the computer even considered.It turned out that it refers to Chou cleverly used the principle of maximum work proved the famous "nine computing", ending nearly a year of debate atomic bomb design process for the development of the atomic bomb made a groundbreaking contribution to the success of.In my heart, Chou is a legend.I first met Chou is a graduate student and tutors held in theoretical physics meeting of the forum.Zhou teacher encouraged us: "You are accompanied by the reform and opening up a national examination were selected out of young students in the crowd, and the hope is lucky generation, may you cherish this hard-won opportunity, strenuous efforts to climb the heights of science.Only in the world of theoretical physics first, not second.To make world-class scientific research work, we must aim at the forefront of international science, vision must be high, we must dare with the worlds most outstanding theoretical physicist to compete, and not to talk to students and colleagues around them compared to."I first met separately with Chou was at the time of the Central Institute of Technology.It was a study of winter, I went to the speaker by Hao Bailin, SU Zhao Yu Lu and ice teacher "phase transitions and renormalization group" work-months seminar.Chou invited to the meeting, and in his busy schedule to meet with me, when he saw my psychological tension, they first asked me to participate in seminars and in the case of the Graduate School of class until I slowly eliminate tension after he kindly and seriously said: "theoretical physics is hard work, research in theoretical physics to be fully prepared at least three aspects: First, we must have a strong interest in theoretical physics, so as to stimulate a persons curiosity to explore the fundamental laws of nature, and found that people did not notice the problem; second is to have enough confidence in yourself, so as to dare to break through the work of their predecessors, not superstitious authority to make findings creativity; Third, to have the spirit of dedication to science, so as to brave the heights of science, not afraid of hardship, really to make its own contribution to the cause of development of theoretical physics."Chou specifically mentioned, at the forefront of foreign and doing the best young theoretical physicist many of which are not Sunday, a man alone innate wisdom, do not rely on the efforts of the day after tomorrow is to do good theoretical physics.Then, Chou asked me: Is there confidence to do these points?Even though I know these points is not very deep, but feel that they can do, answer: I can do it.He did not teach me physics exam questions, but asked me to study in graduate school, first lay a solid foundation, to carry out the research back then not too late.He accompanied these teachings in my life, I engaged in research work on far-reaching.Chou led me to embark on the road of scientific research Chou seldom preach to us, but he always used his words and actions teach us how to do research.2083 autumn, I ended up learning public courses in the Graduate School of the year, returned to Theoretical Physics.Chou quickly assigned me research - free electron laser.The teacher once a week and we discussed, after finished basic principles and main objectives of the free-electron laser, he focused on how we do research guide.Give a man a fish, as delegate to fish - these methods to study after I played a far-reaching impact.For example, he first taught us how to find and enter the scientific literature, and tell us, from reading the paper the latest progress of the cases, if the encounter is not clear or detailed place and then go back and find and read the papers cited in the related papers , so you can quickly understand the developments in the field, into the forefront of research, but can also develop their own independent thinking, rather than to start pressing the original idea to consider the issue paper.Another example, he never mind the equation, but always start from the most basic principles of deduction.He said formulas can not be back, if the backrest, even the best human memory, a long time will forget, but if the relationship between the basic physical concepts and clarify various physical quantities, and even forget the specific forms, can be from The most basic principle then deduced.Zhefan guidance Chou, gave me great inspiration.In order to make more in-depth study and research, Chou also arranged for us and the international and domestic experts in a wide range of laser exchanges, for example, was doing the best international, back to Beijing from the United States visited Dr. Yu Lihua, a famous physicist, Mr. Wang Ganchang my country, accelerator experts, Mr. Xie Jialin, Mr. Fang Shouxian, so that from our study of the physical principles of free electron laser, the new theory proposed solution to the understanding of the experimental device, by a more comprehensive scientific training.Research during the "positive and negative particles transform and around parity inversion symmetry breaking and the sixth joint top quark nature of elementary particles" of our theoretical analysis of the top quark mass and the experimental results of CERNs inconsistent, but the week the teacher taught us to dare to think, not superstitious authority, even some experimental results can not be completely easy to believe that the scientific spirit and the courage to pursue truth.Until 2094, the US Fermi National Laboratory eventually discovered the top quark, overturned the results previous CERN, this argument only conclusion.I remember in this process, Chou has told an unforgettable experience.In 2057, he was sent to the National Institute of the Soviet Union Dubna Joint Nuclear Research in particle physics.An academic conference, the young Chou authority SPIN outcome of a Soviet Union raised an objection, the professor of the Soviet Union responded: "Your point of view does not make sense!"Chou no direct rebuttal.After the meeting, he quietly studied for three months, step by step to prove their strict academic point of view, and has written the study results "relativistic theory of particle polarization response of" and "polarized particle with zero rest mass of response "two papers, published in the Soviet Union," the experimental and theoretical Physics ".Soon, American scientists have obtained similar results, which is known as the field of high energy physics "relativistic particles spiral state" theory come out of the process.When I studied the model CP spontaneous symmetry breaking in the early 1990s, we had a similar academic debate.I did think of Chou talked about that experience, it spent more than six months to research and study, wrote a long article nearly 80 to prove self-consistent model of, and fully explore the spontaneously broken symmetry CP two-Higgs doublet model missing, the final study results published in the United states, "physical review Letters", the model came to be known as the international expert peer model ⅲ2HDM.The impact of words and deeds Chou life is closely integrated with the motherland and the cause of the party together, he hopes that his students could spread in the country for the traditional sacrifice, carry forward.By the end of 2086, after I Chou and discuss how to prepare for writing a doctoral thesis, his earnestness said to me: "After graduate school, you begin to work independently, in later life, could face a variety of options, but once country needs you to make a choice, if you can obey the needs of the country?"I remember I was the answer to the week the teacher was very pleased, he went on to say:" Of course, to give up the cause of their own interest and hobbies is a very painful thing, but a man of his own country made sacrifices and contributions State and the people will never forget."This year, Chou as my party introducer, my honor to join the Communist Party of China.During my study, as long as he travel to my country, I always meet with about.Advances in my I will report to him, and discussed.He always introduced me to the development of domestic science and technology, and has put forward, I hope I can return to scientific research.It should be said, I finally decided to return home, and Chou call has a lot.Chou rigorous style of study, are very strict self-discipline.For example, in the signature on the paper, although he has been concerned about the cutting-edge theoretical physics, but also contributed a lot of ideas of academic excellence, but he never did not make his signature on paper actually works.When he was the outgoing President of CAS, and I had confided desire to return to the front line of research and careful study out of time.During that time, the teacher and I often discuss academic issues, we have identified the problem, he spent a lot of time actually involved in specific work such as calculus, that time, we published several articles together.Later, the party and government leadership and appointed him to do other work, he felt his energy and time enough to complete specific research work, I have not published their own papers signed.When Chou for the first time to see me, told me: teachers and students both teachers and students, but also friends.He says so, is to do so.Chou not only guide our studies, shape our thoughts, life for all of us are very interested.He often told us not to put all the momentum will run out at the graduate level, while assiduously, to work and rest, exercise good body, really need to struggle when you are in the Ph.D..He often at the end of the discussion on Sunday took us to improve the food and said it was his to his teacher Mr. Peng Huanwu science - Pang then often take him to improve the food.I still remember one time, Chou I do not know where to buy a chicken, and I call on several students, let the stew in front of a small restaurant to give us a sumptuous meal.After I returned home, often went to his home to visit, a number of Chinese New Year are over, together with Chou and his wife of.To me, they were not just teachers, friends, is amiable and respectful of elders.When I went home to visit, Chou will personally give us a toast, then he also toast "secret" Tell my wife.I have a daughter, Chou and his wife to my daughter as his own grandchildren as.Remember Chou had sent me a daughter, Popular Science, which gave her a simple explanation of the biological part.Now my daughter to university chose biomedical, and we feel that the teacher gave her first week about enlightenment.Chou is not only an outstanding theoretical physicist, but also a strategic scientist, he and Development Party and the country closely linked to their careers in the history of science and technology of China left an indelible mark.Perhaps the legend can not be copied, but the spirit of the endless heritage.In the week to commemorate the 65th anniversary of science teachers in the occasion, our best approach is to inherit his only real scientific truth-seeking spirit, the spirit of innovation and committed to innovation, Dehou Mitsuaki character style, create a new journey in the new era the glory belongs to us!

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