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  Chinas photovoltaic power generation capacity expansion of about 50 million kilowatts in about 1.7 billion yuan annual subsidy National Energy Board recently announced the 2020 results of the auction of state subsidies of photovoltaic power generation projects: 2020 to be included in the scope of subsidies for projects in countries bidding a total of 3921, covering 22 provinces; total installed capacity of 2278.86.42 million kilowatts; estimated annual demand of about 1.7 billion yuan subsidy.From the project type, the general PV power plant projects 366, installed capacity of 20.12 million kilowatts, the total capacity of 79.5%, mainly in the Midwest.Distributed PV projects 3555, the installed capacity of 4.66 million kilowatts, the total capacity of 20.5%, mainly in the eastern coastal areas.The state-subsidized projects to be included in the auction is only part of the scope of this years national scale photovoltaic power generation construction.Coupled with previously scheduled and carried over household photovoltaic project, solar poverty alleviation projects, demonstration projects parity, leading the base project, UHV supporting outgoing and demonstration projects such as this year, photovoltaic power generation project construction scale of about 50 million kilowatts, is expected to During the year the network can be built and installed capacity of about 40 million -4500 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation industry can ensure a reasonable scale photovoltaic power generation industry to achieve progress while maintaining stability."After the implementation of photovoltaic power generation subsidy auction, market-oriented development of photovoltaic power generation is more clear, more clear signal slope back subsidies, subsidies and assimilative capacity to fulfill requires more intensive."National Energy Board official said.It is worth noting that the scope of the project included state subsidies auction list just made a subsidy eligibility, the final project can enjoy state subsidies, but also according to whether the notice requirement, completed on schedule full capacity grid prevail.For overdue full capacity built and the network, a quarter each overdue grid electricity price subsidies to reduce 0.01 yuan / kwh; yet completed grid within two quarters after the quarter where the declaration of production, the abolition of subsidies for project eligibility, monitoring and evaluation as photovoltaic power generation market and an important factor throughout next year to declare.

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