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  Guangzhou Railway Group life and health and epidemic prevention rush to transport supplies Reporters learned from the 26th China Railway Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Bureau Group, according to the China National Railway Group Limited unified deployment, recently Guangzhou Railway Group will organize capacity, urgent rush to transport a number of health and epidemic prevention and living supplies to Hubei railway area, do a good job novel coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work.It is understood that the recent rush rush to the Guangzhou Railway Group supplies Hubei railway area including masks 200,000, 20,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, 20,000 packets Banlangen granules, capsules Lianhuaqingwen 1.60,000 boxes and boxes granules 4000, as well as 90 tons of lotus root and other health and epidemic prevention and life needed supplies, transportation will be by EMU, add a general speed train baggage car, etc., as soon as the rush to transport various materials in place.Guangzhou Railway Group life and health and epidemic prevention rush to transport materials for the Guangzhou Railway Group picture was taken railway authorities said that during the Spring Festival holiday, railway staff and health workers will remain at their posts, take firm and effective measures to cooperate with the local government, good novel coronavirus infection prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic, efforts to prevent the spread of the epidemic by rail transport, maintenance of health and safety of the traveling public and rail staff.

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