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  CBA to open heavy fines trouble fans into the stadium was banned for life 4, CBA league released its official announcement on Suzhou willing to Dili Asia, home team penalties related to the conflict, Jiangsu coach Bessie Norwich was suspended for one game, Jiangsu home was fined 50,000, was included in someones fans Wangmou Spectators blacklist lifetime ban into the CBA arena.Chaotic scene the day of the game.January 1, Jiangsu and Liaoning team game, Jiangsu coach Bessie Norwich wife dissuade a result of irrational behavior of the fans while being pushed and insulted, and its theoretical and Bessie Norwich physical altercations, then both sides are security staff and the club persuaded to open the perpetrators Wang Moumou was taken away from the stadium site security personnel, Bessie Norwich was canceled on the spot from the tournament, an automatic suspension, matches were interrupted for nearly five minute."Given Wang Moumou Department of Suzhou Division certified personnel, it was decided that the CBA, the league canceled its certified qualification, included CBA concept of race blacklist, Wang Moumou banned for life from entering any stadium CBA."CBA league wrote.In addition, because Bessie Norwich violation of the relevant provisions of Article 24 of the league discipline guidelines, but considering the reasons or excuses, CBA Norwich Bessie lighter punishment, reprimand and suspension 1 field, and subtract Jiang Su Kendi Asian club entry fee 50,000 yuan, earmarked for local fans culture, promote positive energy arena.At the same time, CBA league thanked Mrs. Bessie Norwich initiative to stop the uncivilized behavior in the process of watching the game, stadium maintenance order, and will invite Mrs. Bessie Norwich and their families to participate in the CBA All-Star to be held in Guangzhou weekend activities.

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