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  Winnipeg Open National Youth Basketball Summer Tournament Anhui Xiuning start 17, Winnipeg Open summer youth basketball tournament in Anhui Xiuning start, 76 teams from around the country compete for nearly a thousand athletes participate.Small players driving layup Asian Lei Fang also taken Winnipeg Youth Basketball Open is the State Sports General Administration came into being in the "Youth Sports" Thirteen Five "plan" and the Chinese Basketball Association "Little Basketball Rules" under the guidance of the State Sports youth Sports General Administration Division, the Chinese basketball Association, an exclusive youth Chinese high school students in support of the Association basketball tournament.Small players also Asian Lei Fang shots taken this summer tournament is Nybo Nybo new competition system events section for a period of four days, the game is divided into six age groups, small players from Beijing, Anhui, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia provinces, through the group stage, knockout, eventually produce the finals of the national wild card team."Children are welcome from across the country gathered in Xiuning love basketball, you would come to make this historical and cultural city Xiuning adding to the vitality."Wang Dajun, deputy director of Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau, said at the opening ceremony, hoping to Winnipeg Summer Tournament settled in Xiuning, promote the depth of integration + Culture + Sport tourism, and explore the characteristics of urban development path, giving Xiuning County of Anhui Province and even more fascination.After the opening ceremony, staged the opening game two groups U8 teams Yangzhou Yang and Huang Hua sporting body, the well-known basketball player Zhang Zhaoxu, as the two teams are still level coach to guide a star.Yangzhou Yang body spearheaded the attack, the first No. 1 player Mengzhe Han hit the ball the whole game, the two sides battle intense, drew audience applause continued sidelines.The game body Yangzhou Yang Sheng excellent team player No. 11 small San performance, scored 10 points, 4 rebounds and 3 steals, Yang eventually Yangzhou body 20: 7 victory over Huang Hua Sports.According to reports, outside of competition, Winnipeg also set up a wealth of activities and service experience for the kids.Winnipeg and the National Union and the National Sports Training Teaching Cooperation Steering Committee for Vocational Education Teaching sports, during the summer tournament to join "Youth Movement skill level standards" evaluation, so players in the remainder of the race, there is more to grasp the situation of individual motor skills a clear understanding, in order to carry out more targeted training and promotion.

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